Bra Protector Laundry Ball
Bra Protector Laundry Ball
Bra Protector Laundry Ball
Bra Protector Laundry Ball

Bra Protector Laundry Ball

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Great Reasons Why Choosing This Bra Protector Laundry Bal
★360° Cleaning Hidden Gaps Make The Bra Clean And Soft!
★Protects Bras From Being Twisted, Squashed And Damaged.
★Protect Your Hand From Chemical Damage.
★'Golden Iron Triangle' Design Protect Your Lingerie Without Folding.
★The laundry ball is round in shape, ensuring that the bra is not deformed by the impact of the squeeze and the water flow, and is not damaged.

★The bra cleaning ball keeps your hands away from chemical damage, ensuring that your hands are delicate and soft.
★The spherical package effectively isolates the entanglement of the bra from the outside clothing, preventing the bra strap from being tangled and loosened.

★360° underwear laundry small thorn ball multi-faceted cleaning each hidden gap, make the bra more comfortable to wear
★The double buckle designed by the mechanics of the "golden iron triangle" is used without folding.

★The Bra Saver is the bra washing solution that makes your washing machine and dryer as safe for your brassieres as hand washing and drying.
★Protects bras from being twisted, squashed and damaged by your washing machine agitator.

★Easy Using
Using Instruction:
Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the ends of the inner eggshell. Snap the outer shell around the bra.

Material: PP